School Opening Times

All school doors open at 8:43 AM and close at 8:50 AM. 

Foundation Stage school doors open at 8:43 AM and close at 8:50 AM.

All children after this point must be signed in by a parent or carer at the school main entrance and a late mark will be recorded against their name. A significant number of late marks will be addressed with the Educational Welfare Officer.

Foundation Stage school day ends at 3:00 PM. KS1 School day ends at at 3:10 pm. KS2 school day ends at 3:15 pm. Children should be collected from their class teacher at this time. If parents or carers fail to collect their children on time on multiple occasions, the school has a duty to report it to the relevant authorities. 

Our attendance target, set by the Government, is 96%. The DfE have asserted that parents are responsible for making sure that their children of compulsory school age receive a suitable full-time education and ensure that their child attends all sessions of an academic year. We take our policy guidelines from the Department for Education ( .


Absence Notification

From time to time, children may need to be absent from school. If your child must be absent, it is vital that we are notified as soon as possible. Please contact the school before 9:30am to inform the Office staff, who can update the registers appropriately.

What is unauthorised attendance?

Unauthorised attendance is when a child is absent from school either a) for a reason that school cannot saction/approve e.g. birthdays, shopping or  holidays; or b) when your child is absent and you have not informed school as to why they are not in. If a child has more than 10 unauthorised absences in an academic year, we report it to the local authority and this will lead to fines or even attending court.

PENALTY NOTICES - (Anti Social Behaviour Act 2003)

A penalty notice will be issued to each parent for each child. The penalty notice incurs a fine of £120 to be paid within 28 days, which is reduced to £60 if paid within the first 21 days.

Where a dispute over whether an absence is unauthorised, advice will be sought from the DfE. As directed by the Department for Education, we are unable to authorise holidays during term time unless there are exceptional reasons for it. In case of an exceptional circumstance parents can write a letter requesting  holiday leave. The letter must be addressed to the headteacher and parents must outline any reasons why they believe their  circumstance is exceptional and these will be taken into consideration.

Please note: If we have evidence that a misleading or false reason for absence is given, we can investigate and it can lead to Education Welfare involvement and even a fine. As such we ask that parents/carers communicate openly and honestly with school staff regarding their child's absence.  

Try to take holidays in the 175 days that school is closed.
Do not let your child miss out! 

At St Chad's RC Primary School we work very hard to ensure our children make the most of their learning by being in school every day on time. Within school we have many reward opportunities to encourage to children to be in school.

If the children are in school for 100% of the whole year they get to go on a special trip!




IN 2017/18 as rewards for excellent attendance and proudly wearing their correct school uniform  St. Chad’s children attended the following reward trips.

  1. CINEMA outing.
  2. EYFS CINEMA in school.
  4. EYFS attended an Ice Cream Parlour.
  5. Reward trip to the Science Museum.
  6. Ice Skating in Manchester

 The Grand Finale was a spectacular Trip to Rock over Climbing and was a wonderful experience.

 This year we will continue offering reward trip to our pupils with 100% attendance and correct uniform.

Our first trip this school year will be for Key Stage 1 and 2 children a visit to the ‘Printworks Cinema in Manchester’ and for our Early Years pupils a Movie afternoon watching a film on our new Hall Screen. All children will receive goody bags, popcorn and a drink. The trips will take place in November and in order to attend pupils need to have 100% attendance from Wednesday 5th September to Friday 19th October.



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