Faith in action

At Saint Chad's, we pride ourself on living our life with the 5WS at the core of everything we do, we hope that all visitors are welcome in our school and enjoy finding out more about our values.

We have raised money for countless charities, including CAFOD and St Joseph's Penny which comes under the Caritas umbrella.  Caritas are a big part of what we do and they even sponser our sports kit!

We often collect and give food to the Lally Centre and think of lots of creative ways to fund raise money.  In the past these have included: sponsered danceathons, bake sales, own clothes days and St Joseph's penny collections.


We aim to mirror Jesus and ensure we are Witnesses to our faith, we always try and stand up for what is right even when it may be a difficult thing to do.


The Word of God is extremly important and one of the Chaplaincy team's jobs is to deliver the Wednesday Word and lead class collective worship.

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