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Here at St Chad's RC Primary School we have a fantastic connection with St Chad's Church. We enjoy celebrating events in the Christian calendar and consider it important to worship as a whole school. Not only do we visit and celebrate at Church but also at school! Father Chris and Brother Gerard make regular visits to us both for Mass and to visit each class.

Year 3 have a particular connection with St Chad's as they will be making their First Holy Communion and have been making monthly visits to attend Mass. Brother Gerard has been visiting Year 3 and helping then to understand the sacraments and to teach them the important formalities of attending Mass.




To find out more about St Chad's and information about Mass times please visit St Chad's website, just click the link below.

St Chad's Website

St Chad's RC Primary School

Balmfield Street, Cheetham, Manchester, M8 0SP

Headteacher - Mrs S. Brackenridge

Tel: 0161 205 6965

Email: admin@st-chads.manchester.sch.uk

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