Our Staff

Here at St Chad's RC Primary School we have fantastic staff who are always willing to help 


Headteacher: Mrs S. Brackenridge
Deputy Headteacher/SENCO: Mrs M. Carlson


Nursery : Miss M. Hampson
Reception: Miss C.Lowe
Year 1: Miss K.Rattigan
Year 2: Miss G.Cutcliffe
Year 3: Miss H. Campbell
Year 4: Mrs C. Chapman
Year 5: Miss S. White
Year 6: Mrs M. Carlson/ Mrs B. Pennington

PE teachers: Mr S. Cowling/ Mr P. Belston

Teaching Assistants

Miss C.Smith 
Mrs S Mehmood
Mrs M. Gregory
Mrs L. Lee          
Miss A. Edu
Mrs J. Reynolds
Mrs S. Mulligan

Family Liaison and Attendance Officer
Ms R. Kauser

Office Staff: Mrs C. Mason
Business Manager:  Miss N. Godwin

Facilitators Manager: Mr M. Shah
Assistant Facilitators Manager: Mrs M. Harcourt         

Lunchtime Organisers: Mrs T. Jabeen and Mrs M. Anwar

Kitchen Staff : Ms M. Goulbourne, Miss B. Kaur


St Chad's RC Primary School

Balmfield Street, Cheetham, Manchester, M8 0SP

Headteacher - Mrs S. Brackenridge

Tel: 0161 205 6965

Email: admin@st-chads.manchester.sch.uk

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