Roald Dahl Day

Class: Year 6 Year: 2015-2016


Our last day of half term has been amazing! It was a Dahlicious dress up day to celebrate reading and Roald Dahl.  We all came in dressed as characters from our favourite Roald Dahl stories and all our lessons were themed! Our class read was the fantastic Witches! We loved it and when we came to school today there was two in our class! 

We did some baking- witches fingers - they look gruesome! We followed instructions and even converted some measurements.  

We made some "how to spot a witch" posters and enjoyed reading the book as a class. 

What another busy week in year 6! We have been to explore Cheetham Park and its surrounding history! We met an anthropologist who told us all about her job and her love of our local area! We took a map and walked to Cheetham Park on Elizabeth street.  

We visited the old bandstand and looked for other historical sites, including an old fountain. 

On Tuesday, we had a visit from some actors who performed Shakespeare's - Romeo and Juliet. It was fantastic and we even got to question the actors afterwards; they gave us some great tips on how to take our own acting further. 

In our classroom, we now have a maths and a reading challenge area! It's great to go to when we have completed all our work.

Big news! We have mastered formal long multiplication! 

Check out our photos from this busy week! 

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