Year 3 2018 - 2019

Mr Ratchford

Mr Ratchford, Miss Ahmed and all the children Welcome you to our

Year 3 Class Website. 


Class Saint               Saint Luigi Scrosoppi

(Patron Saint of Footballers)


Thankyou so much Father Chris for our lovely picture of St Luigi, now taking pride of place in our area of worship.


Sacramental Programme 

Year 3 is such a special year for our children, as they continue the

journey that began in Baptism, preparing for their First Holy

Communion. We are privileged to be part of such a caring Oratarium

Community and are enjoying our First Friday Masses and learning

with Brother Gerard.

Dates for your Diary

Mass of Enrolment  Sunday 3rd December.


Breakfast Masses 8am

Sunday 14th January,   Sunday 11th February,  Sunday 11th March,

Sunday 15th April and Sunday 13th May.

First Confessions        Tuesday 13th February.

First Holy Communion Mass

Saturday 23rd June 2pm


Autumn 2

MATHS    We are so pleased with the children's involvement in our

Maths lessons, they are certainly enjoying the practical elements of

our lessons. Working together using the Maths resourses (Numicon,

Base Ten, bead strings and straws) to improve our mathematical

reasoning. We will be continuing with our practical maths

throughout the year, this will help us build our understanding of the

number system as we build our skills in  3 and 4 digit addtiion and

subtraction and lean our 8 times tables. 


ENGLISH     We are all very excited about intriducing the Talk for

Writing Project into Year 3. I think it will be very successful as Talk

for Writing enables children to imitate the language they need for a

particular topic orally before reading and analysing it and then

writing their own version. I think we are all going to enjoy this project.


SCIENCE    We have all enjoyed expeimenting with forces, in

particular magnets, so far this year. Our next unit is about Amazing

Bodies, we wil be studying  muscles and skeletons, how to stay

healthy and of course undertaking a few experiments.


PE    Will remain on a Monday, children and parents, well done with

your PE kits! Looking forward to Gymnastics.


GEOGRAPHY After a successful half term learning about the Stone

Age in History we are now going to be learning about the modern

world on our Geography lessons.


COMPUTING  We are all excited about creating a space race game, through Scratch.


Well done everyone, all homework given so far has been handed in

completed at a good standard by evey child in the class. Keep it up.







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