Our Mission Statement

In having a school, which has a welcoming atmosphere and is firmly rooted in Gospel values, we hope that each member of the school community is able to say with Jesus Christ,

‘Love One Another As I Have Loved You'

John, 15:12

Through the partnership of parish, home and school, the mission of St Chad’s is to support each other on our journey of faith. Our school prayer encompasses this statement:

Our School Prayer

Dear God,

Let my hands do your work,

Let my ears hear your word,

Let my mouth sing your praise,

Let my feet walk your world,

Let my mind think of you,

Let my heart feel your love,


St Chad's RC Primary School

Balmfield Street, Cheetham, Manchester, M8 0SP

Headteacher - Mrs S. Brackenridge

Tel: 0161 205 6965

Email: admin@st-chads.manchester.sch.uk

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