All of our staff and children are very proud of our school and we expect all children to wear schooluniform every day. School sweatshirts and cardigans, along with our P.E and book bags can be purchased from school. If you have any questions about our school uniform, please contact the school office:

The uniform for our children is as follows: 

Foundation Stage

  • royal blue sweatshirt/cardigan or  plain royal blue jumper/cardigan                
  • Black or grey trousers                                      
  • Sky blue polo shirt           
  • Black velcro shoes/pumps                                        

*If possible Children to bring a spare change of clothes to school*

Year 1 - 6 Boys

  • St Chad's Primary navy sweatshirt or  plain navy jumper                                
  • Black or grey trousers                                                                                          
  • Sky blue shirt or polo shirt
  • Sensible black shoes                                                                                                                  

Year 1 - 6 Girls

  • St Chad's Primary sweatshirt/cardigan or                                               
  • plain navy jumper/cardigan                                                                                  
  • Black or grey skirt/pinafore or trousers                                                              
  • Sky blue blouse or polo shirt                                                                       
  • Sensible black shoes 

P.E Kit

Our indoor P.E kit consists of a simple white t.shirt, plain blue or black shorts and black pumps.

Outdoor P.E kit same as the indoor but with jogging bottoms/ tracksuit/ sweatshirt to keep warm. Training shoes- must be different from everyday shoes/ trainers.

Summer Uniform (optional)

For the Summer Term, starting after the Easter break pupils can wear our Summer uniform.  

Boys: can wear black or grey shorts.

Girls: can wear blue gingham checked dresses.

Please Note

Fashion clothes and sportswear are not allowed in school.  High heeled footwear and open-toe sandals/flip-flops are unsuitable and can be dangerous.  Long hair must be tied up.

Jewellery & Make-up

The wearing of any jewellery and make-up is NOT ALLOWED in school.  We cannot accept responsibility for injuries caused by the wearing of jewellery or for any jewellery lost or stolen.  All jewellery, make-up, nail varnish, false nails etc should be removed before sending your child to school.

The only exception is if your child has their ears pierced then they can wear small stud earrings whilst at school.  However, these will have to be removed for PE and Swimming.  If your child is unable to remove these themselves then please remove them at home on the appropriate days.  Please ensure that if you are planning on having your child's ears pierced this is done during the Summer Holidays so it does not exclude them from PE or Swimming which are both important parts of the school curriculum.

No extreme haircuts for school please. 

Please click on the link below to access our uniform policy. 

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