Geography and Science

Class: Year 6 Year: 2015-2016


We have been improving our enquiry skills and focusing on Geography and Science this week.  We had a great opportunity to borrow some microscopes and samples from Manchester University and carried out some investigations.  We were given some magnified pictures of items such as salt, grass and even a dead bee! We had to put the samples under the microscope and match the samples to the pictures.

We have started a weekly task called "Information Station" It is a Geography task, we start by watching Newround and we note which countries have been discussed.  We then as a class vote on a country and we split into 6 groups and research different aspects of the country.  The 6 groups are Place, People, Position, Physical, Passion and Fact File.  So far we have researched New Zealand and Mexico and found out lots of interesting information.

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