Visit to the Sikh Temple

Class: Year 5 Year: 2015-2016


We visited the Central Gurdwara this week where we were taught about the Sikh faith by a lady named Bobby. We learnt how Sikhism was created, the 5 K's, where Sikhs go to pray, the golden temple in India among lots of other things.

The children were extremely well behaved and respectful, they all had brilliant questions for Bobby.

We were even treated to lunch and had potato curry, rice, onion Bahjis and puri (fried bread.).

Bobby showed us where they keep the 11th Guru which is a book! The book is treated like a real person, he has his own room with a bed where he rests every night and a wardrobe for his clothes. The head priest looks after the 11th Guru, he has to have a bath before he touches the book. 

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