Welcome new year 6!

Class: Year 6 Year: 2015-2016


It has been a very busy start to this year! It's coming up to the end of week 3 and we have been non stop! In English, we have been learning about Myths and Legends and have really been getting to know the story of Robin Hood.  We have done through story mapping, miming and acting.  As a class we are reading Michael Morpurgo's version "Outlaw"  Keep your eyes peeled for a book review! 

We have already been on two trips, one to the Jewish Museum and one to the Police Museum.  


During Maths, we have been revising work we completed in year 5 and using numbers up to 10,000,000.  We are using class dojo to collect personal and table points and continuously trying our best to earn smilies. 

Here are a selection of photos from our first few weeks of year 6. 

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